I am the world, and the world is me. When i suffer, the world suffer, and when the world hurts, i hurt. When i heal a piece of myself, i heal the world. When i heal the world, i heal myself.”

Source: c.s.

The disaster in Turkey and Syria is catastrophic. Children who won’t see their parents again, desperate parents searching through the rubble, and entire neighborhoods that no longer exist. The need for help is high. Amongst other first disaster care the area is in need of container homes, food, medical care, and water.

The desire to help is big. Private initiatives worldwide, NGO’s and companies are willing to collect and send trucks full of aid to the affected area. When this is not done securely, this can lead to long routes via insecure roades with invalid documents. Unfortunately, it has resulted in denial of access to Turkey, or supplies being delivered where there is no urgent need.

Direct cooperation with AFAD
we, Stichting Vervoer Hulpgoederen Turkije – Syrië (Stichting VHTS) ensure that the right aid arrives at the right time and at the right location. For this purpose, the foundation is in direct contact with the Disaster and Emergency Authority (AFAD), the largest Turkish government aid organization.

Behind stichting VHTS
Stichting VHTS is a non-profit foundation with charity (ANBI in Dutch) status and founded by a group of Dutch entrepreneurs who wish to use their knowledge, network and expertise to help the people in the affected region. Said Arslan, chairman of Stichting VHTS, also works as a regional director of Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN).

Arslan: “Many companies and individuals in our transport network want to help. However, we find that they do not know how. For example, the safety of the driver must be guaranteed, and reputational damage to the sector is lurking. They do not want to drive with cargo without knowing what is inside. With the foundation, we take on this responsibility. With the help TLN, the foundation ensures safe transport, proper coordination, and the correct documents.”

Transport and Logistics Netherlands
TLN supports the initiatives of Stichting Vervoer Hulpgoederen Turkije – Syrië. TLN works together with the foundation on three points.

  • TLN provides transport companies and drivers with essential information about humanitarian transport.

  • TLN refers members who want to donate trips or make warehouses available for humanitarian goods, among others, to the foundation VHTS.

  • TLN openly supports the foundation to safeguard the transport sector’s reputation. Both organizations place professionalism high on the agenda.

All information about TLN’s support for Stichting VHTS can be found at www.tln.nl/humanitair-transport.

More about Stichting VHTS

For more information, please contact Said Arslan – Stichting Vervoer Hulpgoederen Turkije en Syrië press officer. Phonenumber: 06-11311957 / info@stichtingvhts.nl / www.stichtingvhts.nl.